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BÖRSE HANDBRANDING® is an international shopping bags manufacturer and supplier seriously committed with its clientele with a solid presence in the United States, Mexico and Latin America. Our quality standards allow us to meet all the requirements of the fashion industry.

We manufacture and supply shopping bags for fashion clothing brands and retail business worldwide, our bags are fully customizable and are available in many different styles, sizes, colors and materials printed from one, up to six direct inks, or even in CMYK 4 color process. We invite you to explore the bags we have on our catalog; remember that all of the bags you see on our website can be fully customized according to your requirements.

Because our staff has great talent and experience, today BÖRSE HANDBRANDING® is a self-sustained manufacturing company, our brand name and packaging supply products are very well known in the industry thanks to our quality and our excellence in customer service we had maintained for more than 20 years.

Börse Handbranding® specializes on shopping bags and retail packaging supplies manufacturing
ISO 9001:2008 certified company logo

Our company is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

BÖRSE HANDBRANDING® is a ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED MANUFACTURER, this allows us to supply shopping bags for almost every type business, our primary target market are fashion brands, boutiques, shoe stores, grocery stores, departmental stores, as well as gift shops, jewelry stores, drug stores, and outlets.

Advertising bags custom printed by Börse Handbranding


For many years, the use of bag advertising, also known as: “Bagvertising", has become a very effective marketing strategy, BÖRSE HANDBRANDING® is dedicated to supply customers with all kinds of bags custom printed with their corporate image and logo, this bags have an excellent quality and are available in a wide variety of materials like: different types of papers, plastics and synthetic fabrics.

Advertising bags are essential for any retail business regardless of the market or the type of products that are being offered, specially when they are intended to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, competitiveness and to increase sales.


The price of advertising bags is variable depending on the following factors: 1. The quantity required, 2.- The material they are made of, 3.- The type of Handles, 4.- The printing process, 5.- The finishes you wish to add.

A well designed advertising bag increase your sales and raise your product packaging quality


Our primary manufacturing plant is strategically located in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, from this geographic location, we take care of the manufacturing, shipping, supply and distribution of your bags.

This shopping bags manufacturing plant has 80,000 square feets of extension, there we manage . On our manufacturing plant we have the best printing technology to supply our customers in USA and Latin America. We provide our customers with a series of competitive advantages, benefits and remarkable money savings in logistics and warehousing reducing their distribution costs.


Aditionally we have a manufacturing plant located in Hong Kong, from this geographical location we carry all the manufacturing and distribution of large volumes of bags made of non-woven synthetic materials, this plant as well is equipped with the best technology needed to manufacture full color printed non-woven bags using a printing process that involves the use of a layer of polypropylene film to achieve near photographic quality.


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In BÖRSE HANDBRANDING® the deal is direct from the factory, we do not have distributors


At the map below you will find our exact manufacturing and distribution locations, please don't hesitate on contacting our representatives in the West or East Coast of the United States to request technical assistance or for a quotation, our online quotation system can be accessed with ease from any section of our website, or if you prefer, you can contact us directly by telephone.