A look at the interior of a shoe store

Only BÖRSE offers you the best
shopping bags
for shoe stores and brands.


We design and manufacture under strict quality controls the best shoppng bags for footwear and shoe stores in the industry, which by their characteristics, their finishes and materials, are ideal for your customers to take home safely and confidently any type of footwear such as men and women shoes, tennis, boots and booties or sandals.

Bags for shoe stores can be requested made of Couche, Kraft and Bristol paper types otherwise you can request them made of plastic of different densities and thicknesses according to the weight of your products, shopping bags for shoe stores as well as all our packaging products are custom printed with your own logo, brand name and image.

Custom printed shopping bags for shoe and footwear stores and brands


We offer different models of shopping bags specifically aimed for the footwear industry, these bags are useful to carry sandals, tennis, boots and all kind of footwear; next you will find some examples.

Do not forget that the minimum order for shoe store shopping bags varies from 2,000 to 5,000 units according to the bag's material you choose.