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In Börse Handbranding we personalize your bags with flat press offset and flexography printing machinery, on this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about all our production, personalization and printing processes, any doubt that you have will be resolved opportunely through our contact form or by telephone in less than 24 hours.

To know more about the processes associated with custom bags personalization, select the topic of your interest, this page will guide you step by step through all stages you may follow to order your bags with us. Here you will find all the relevant information, from the minimum purchase volumes that we handle for each type of bag, the materials and bag sizes we have available.

You will also find information that will help you better define how your bags need to be personalized, the payment methods we have available, the methods of sending your orders and most importantly the guarantee we offer you to all our customers.

Do not forget that in personalized bags we are the specialists since we can provide you the bags that you require fully personalized according to your requirements at the most competitive prices.

Custom bags printing and personalization process
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We personalize your bags with offset press and automated flexography printing machinery


Delivery Time
How long will take you until delivery?

The delivery times for custom bags are normally 30 to 35 calendar days, once your design is authorized, counting already with the 50% advance and the signed order, these times can vary according to the type of bag, material and finishings. NB: Except for special projects, the delivery time varies according to our client requirements.
Are there any minimum quantity orders?
This varies according to the required bags,
the impression process required and the material requested.

    On average we handle:
  • Custom Paper Bags from 3,000 units.
  • Plastic & Poly Bags from 10,000 units.
  • Non-Woven bags from 500 units.
How much do custom bags cost?

Each bag is unique and must be quoted according to its characteristics (printing inks, material, measurements, etc.) so a previous advice is indispensable; You can request attention through our form of contact or telephone 1866 201 2111 TOLL FREE.

O a la dirección de correo:

Available Sizes for your Custom Bags
What custom bag sizes are available?

For custom printed plastic & poly bags we have:
All combinations in scales of 5 cm. In width and height from 15 cm.

For custom printed paper bags we have:
We have at your disposal more than 100 printing suits, we suggest you to adapt your design and requirements to any of them, otherwise for custom sizes you may need to pay an additional cost.

For custom printed non-woven bags we have:
There are standard measures for non-woven bags considered as the most commonly used, however if you require, we can make your non-woven bags in custom sizes.

• In any case we recommend you to ask our representatives for advice before choosing a measure, this is cost-free.
Design Proposals
I do not have the design; What should I do?

Börse Handbranding Has a team of creatives to To offer you personalized bag design service as well as for the development, creation or redesign of your brand once you have placed the order with the necessary information.

I already have the design; Whats Next?

If you or your client already have the design elaborated by some designer or agency, you must prepare and send your files in an editable format directly to your sales representative by e-mail.

This streamlines all our processes, the images and files you send us allow us to correctly quote your bags, do not forget to mention your name and include all your contact information in the mail. If you want to know our recommendations and technical details to send us your design, we suggest you read carefully the related topics and send your design to one of our representatives.
Payment Methods
What are the payment options?
50% in advance for production and 50% before shipping.
Bags Shipping
Can you send my bags to any country in the world?

Yes we can, the freight is at the customer's expense.
Can I choose the courier service of my choice?

Of course you can do it, please specify your preffered couriering service at the very moment you accept the quotation or ask your sales representative for the best alternative in logistics, shipping and handling services.
Are my custom bags guaranteed?

In fact you have the best guarantee, Börse Handbranding guarantees in writing the quality of its raw materials and the functionality of its products. We are a company committed to continuously train our multidisciplinary teams of professionals and experts so that together with you they collaborate in the development and creation of specialized packaging products that give you the highest added value. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology for bag printing you receive only quality products. • If any disagreement arises we appreciate that you let us know immediately to make your guarantee effective.
Orders and Restocking
How can i place and order?

If you have never bought custom bags and do not know the product, it is best to ask for advice from one of our representatives through our Contact Form or if you prefer via telephone to the following telephone number: 1866 201 2111 TOLL FREE, one of our REPRESENTATIVES will contact you to guide you step by step ON choosING the custom bag model that best suits your needs.

How do I request a restocking?

Your assigned representative will keep track of your orders and perform periodic calls to evaluate your stock of bags on time. Or if you prefer to establish contact at the time you consider necessary, by: Contact e-mail or by telephone 1866 201 2111TOLL FREE.
Purchasing Process
How is the purchase process?

If you know the technical data or you will request a shopping bags restocking, you can request a new quote through our quotation system, it is very easy or if you prefer by telephone to: 1866 201 2111 TOLL FREE, dont forget to provide your data to establish communication.
• Your name, e-mail, company and telephone are required.

Once you have approved the quotation, the order is placed, make the deposit of 50% of advance. Is very Important that you send us your deposit receipt by fax or e-mail identifying it With the name or model of the bag specified and previously agreed upon with your sales representative.

Subsequently the order enters our design department to make a Virtual sample, same that will be sent to you to authorize it By e-mail and confirm the acceptance of the design. The process can take From 3 to 5 days depending on the proposal status, the estimated time does not include modifications snd/or corrections that you request after this and it depends on the time it takes you to respond to our requests. We manufacture your custom bags in a period of 30 to 35 days from the authorized design proposal and that you have accepted the quotation.

You will then receive a call from a representative of Börse Handbranding who Will keep you informed of the total cost of the finished product and the quantity to be delivered, your representative will ask you for the payment of the remaining 50% and to confirm the delivery address where you want to receive the merchandise.

Choose the courier company of your choice, you can select it from the moment you accept the order of your bags or ask your Börse Handbranding representative to suggest the best alternative for shipping.
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At Börse Handbranding you can order your personalized bags with different printing techniques.


Welcome to the BÖRSE HANDBRANDING downloads section, here you'll have access to our catalogs, brochures, material samplers and other documents that contain important information you should know before placing your bags order.

Below you will find informative documents about our company and manufacturing processes for plastic, paper and non woven bags. You can also check our color samplers for the different materials and other details like available thicknesses.

Todos estos documentos están a su disposición en formato PDF 100% compatible con Adobe® Acrobat Reader®, so you can download and consult them later on your computer or on your mobile device.

It is important to mention that the color samples of the materials are merely illustrative so that the colors may vary depending on several factors, which is why we suggest that before placing your order contact your representative to request physical samples of the material you need before ordering.